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Darryl Ferrucci. Dance Photography and Public Photographic Murals. (Bio)

Darryl’s Dance photography is full of motion and emotion. He dominates the public art scene in Santa Cruz, and is now offering smaller, more manageably sized, reproductions of his large outdoor works for the individual collector.  Darryl’s work is fabulous!!

Mattie Leeds. Innovative Modern Ceramics. (Bio)

Mattie’s large and colorful figurative ceramic pots offer a refreshing double take for today’s collector. Up to 15 feet high, Mattie creates extremely unique and  playful paintings on the seemingly unlimited surfaces of his pots. Lately he has been working on smaller pieces as well, equally delightful and mischeivous!

Stephanie Schriver. (Bio)

“A  unique artist, who emphasizes color and  expression in her portrayal of the human figure.  Drawing inspiration from such artists as Mucha and Klimt, Stephanie’s central figures are surrounded by moving design and undulating color.  Often elements from the main body of work spill out onto her custom designed frames of Georgian Basswood.  Whether she uses a muted pallet or vibrant color, Stephanie’s work is always recognizable as her own.”

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