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Artists' Bio: Ferrucci

After a period of disillusionment, declaring himself an official “Ex-Artist”, Dance Photographer and Public Art Muralist/Digital Artist, Darryl Ferrucci is back on the scene.  Two murals on the Seabright Ave. side of the Rio Theatre, and a group show at the Question-Mark Gallery, join his well-known Dance Figures on the side of  the Lulu Carpenter’s Building (Pacific Avenue), celebrating his Spring 2004 renewal. 

Also, in time with the hanging of the Rio Murals, a video portrait entitled “DF41: Portrait of an Ex-Artist”, by Jesse Rose De Rooy, had it’s big screen debut in the Santa Cruz Film Festival, detailing  Darryl’s artistic life, his work, and specifically: the story behind his desire to become an “Ex-Artist”.

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Since 1996, Darryl has been creating highly prominent, spectacular murals and public photographic projects. He also has a dynamic new series, smaller in size, featuring dancers Nita Little Nelson, and Frey Faust. All of Darryl’s large scale Public Work is now available in smaller sizes, matted and framed, or printed on canvas etc. 

Also a performing Artist, Darryl has been with The Crash Burn and Die Dance Company/The Moving and Storage Performance Company, since 1985. Many of the dancers pictured in his work are involved with this company. They will celebrate their 20th Anniversary in September of 2004, with a performance and a showing of  Darryl’s photographic work at “The Attic”, a new gallery that has newly opened downtown (931 Pacific Avenue). Stay in touch for more details!

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