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Susi Love, Artist’s Agent

As a trained artist myself,  I have much to offer the emerging, or established artist in the way of support, critique/evaluation, consulting and promoting.  I have knowledge of many mediums including: photography, ceramics, pastels, painting (oils, acrylics and watercolor), papermaking, fiber arts, interior design, and drawing (including figure drawing).

I can help you with my experience in sales, marketing, and public relations; creative writing, and gallery exhibit preparation/installation, and the design of promotional materials.  I have also been an Art Teacher at a private art School, and an Artist’s Model, as well as an Artist’s Agent.  I have represented such clients as: Mattie Leeds, Stephanie Schriver, Darryl Ferrucci, Mirabai, Crystal Birns, Tyler Mercier, and Robbie Schoen.

My areas of expertice come together with my strong passion to be of service to the world. I feel deeply grateful to my mentors, and especially the teachers who supported me, and to my beloved family who went before me with careers in the Arts.

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