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Mattie’s work is well collected and a has quite a prominent presence here in Santa Cruz.  Some of the pots speak of the 10 years he spent studying Chinese painting and calligraphy, while others are a montage of figures and design, merging colors and story.    

photo of kiln                                                              Photo of wall,

Mattie throws, fires, and paints his pots in a beautiful, barn-like studio, nestled in the warm country hill region of Santa Cruz County known as Bonny Doon. To visit the studio is akin to stepping into the looking glass. Here, everything seems larger than life. One of the most impressive features is the kiln. Being an enormous brick structure, with ample walk-in interior, huge swinging door, and sliding platform on steel rollers, it is capable of firing the ambitiously scaled works Mattie creates- many up to 8 feet tall. The kiln area is surrounded by shelves and platforms filled with ceramic vessels of different shapes and sizes, all in various stages of completion, and the dozens of paints and brushes he needs to complete his unique works of art.

Beyond the studio, Mattie has unified his beautiful hand-built home and property, into an impressive sculpture garden. Gigantic ceramic vessels embrace the landscape as if growing out of the earth. An old fishing vessel lays grounded behind a serpentine wall of rolling ocean waves built of river rock, glass, ceramic objects, and musical instruments. The wall ends at The Chinese Keystone Arch, and an enormous neon “Chop Suey” sign keeps guard over all. The gallery is a place where Art, Nature and Life become one.


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