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About You


D. Ferrucci
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About You

YOU are pure potential.

YOU are a human being, who would like to remain a human being, but is sometimes a human-doing.

I take some of the doing, off of your shoulders, so you have more time in the studio.

In the studio, YOU re-remember that you are a human being.

YOU are an artist, who is ready for that next step. What is the next step?

I tailor make my services to begin with YOUR next step.  I meet you, wherever you are, on your path.

OUR FIRST STEP is an Initial Consultation.  In this Initial Consultation, I come to your studio, or arrange a meeting place, to view your work. In addition to this viewing, together we vision. What are your goals? This is a time when I can familiarize myself with your work, and find out more about where you are at on your path of being a professional artist. When I know where to begin, I can help you create a plan to reach your goals.

IF WE CHOSE TO WORK TOGETHER, then we begin implementing that process.

If not, then you may choose to receive A  WRITTEN  PAPER, detailing the Initial Consultation, that we have just completed,  and the ideas that we have generated in that consultation. You can use this written paper as a guide for future implementation of these ideas, or you can hire me to complete the tasks for you.

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