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Blissland Webdesign specializes in the creation of websites that optimize informativeness, navigational abilty, load time, aesthetic appeal, and search engine ranking (this particular page being an obvious exception to all of those qualities). :) Special rates are available for people and businesses whose website will help to promote sustainability or human health. Click on any of the hotlinked snapshots below to go to the website. Note that many of these sites no longer exist or have been since updated by other designers. Check out my various plans and prices or just call 808-345-9069.

Spa Consultants International Kauai Nut Roasters Lucie Voelcker
Massage Program Admin Panel
Emerald Bookeeping Services 10/04
blue heron multimedia 03/04 yogacentered 09/03 natural high blood pressure remedies 09/03
ramashala 08/03 ramashala 08/03 heartland sustinable solutions 08/03
yogaoasis 04/03
dolphindance 04/03 mayumi oda 02/03
sarah west 12/02
dragonmama 12/02
laakea 12/02
dr. becker 10/02
abundance 08/02
ichingmastery 03/02
metropolis 09/02
ichingmasteracrpa 08/02
pangaia 01/02
ron dahlquist 02/02
dahlquist 01/02
big island massage, 02/01
hawaiian herbal supply
HTRI, 07/01
ultimate tournament 12/01
laakea permaculture gardens
Abundance Ecovillage, 07/01
hale makamae, 07/01
El Leo, 07/01x
Dragon Mama, 03/02x
gaiayoga, 08/01
Pacific Rim Fitness, 04/01
healing arts network, 05/01
Ecoawareness Workshops, 2000x
massage academy old, 2001x
Liquid, 2001
Lyman Museum, 2000
Dragonfly Ranch, 2000
Organic Kava Dot Com, 2000
Keiko Bonk for Mayor, 2000
Bonk if you love hawaii, 2000
Pangaia, 2000
Earth Speaks Experience, 2000
Pacific Futures, 2000, 2000
Surya Nagar Farm, 1999
Laakea Permaculture Gardens, 1999
Bowman Realty, 2000
Hiiakas Hawaiian Herb Garden, 2000
Yoga Oasis, 1999
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