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This was made possible only by the selfless effort of hundreds who came together via inspiration of the Free Exposure Information Act of 1997. 184 FBI agents were hired to track down each and every male and female who has seen sandra naked or imagined her thus (with appropriate prompting such as a suitsuit sighting, a low cut dress, a loose shirt, an open button, or an appropriately placed hand in a frustratingly dark room). 1591 were found, 489 of which claimed direct visual contact with sandra's skin, 477 of which, by the way, described it as "delicious, a feast for all the senses." (The thousands of other surperfolous comments and detailed sexual stories have been compiled into a book "Sandra, fantasy in pink" which is to be published in August by Oxford Press and will retail for $17.95, hardcover. Anatomically 'estimated' Sandra dolls will be available by Christmas and an interactive CD-ROM "Sandra: Backside and more..." will be available early 2002) From there, a special team of 315 professional police profilers volunteered their services to generate composites based on the descriptions given by sandra's suitors and admirers. Special attention was given to the breasts, with consideration given to breast size, shape/roundness, texture, x:y:z ratio, firmness, and color; aerola size, color, darkness, and contrast with breast color; nipple size, diameter:z ratio, and hardness; and relative sizes between the breasts, aerolas, and nipples. These composites were analyzed by a computer software program (EyeCome) written by 68 top programmers from Adobe; Eyecome generated a composite of these composites and morphed it into a known image of Sandra to generate what you see here. Thank you everyone for your sincere effort on this very important project that will be of great service to humanity now and in the future. And thank you Sandra for allowing your body to be used as the first prototype for this kind of 'pleasure technology.' No matter how accurate this image is, millions will always remember you with this delightful form, always thinking "and according to the book, she's even better in person!"

find out what really happened at sandra's office party...move the mouse over to find to see what mark is doing.